Sit & Go Tournaments

with Sit & Go Shark™

$49.95 Value

How It Works

Sit & Go Shark is one of the most advanced poker software tools on the market. The software simply:

Attaches to your poker table
Observes patterns and scenarios
Gives you customized step-by-step advice on all aspects of your game

It virtually guarantees you instant success at online sit & go tournaments.

Award-Winning Software!

Best Poker Tournament Tool 2008

"All you have to do is click on GO and let the game begin." Logo

What Are Customers Say

"I think the SNG Shark is a very useful tool. I follow its advice probably 95-98% of the time. In 7 games of using the Shark, so far I have finished in the money five times, three of which were WINS!"
- Kate Phillips

"I can't say enough about Sit and Go Shark. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Sit and Go Shark is exactly what our business has been lacking."
- Chris Smith

Supported Poker Rooms

Supported Poker Rooms

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